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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the fertility hormone test?

We believe knowledge is power. The earlier you understand your health and hormones the better informed you will be to make decisions. So whether you are trying to conceive now, or not planning on it for another decade, it’s always better to be informed as early as possible.

Do I have to test on a specific day?

The hormone test should be done during days 2 – 4 of your period. This means you should draw your blood sample during those days. Day 1 of your period is the first day when you start bleeding (menstruating) – not just spotting, but full flow. So day 2 is the second day of bleeding. For example, if you start bleeding in the morning of Monday, you can take the test on Tuesday through Thursday. If you start bleeding Monday night then you can take the test on Wednesday through Friday.

Can I test while on birth control?

For the hormone test we suggest you not take the test until you are off the pill for two months as the results may not be accurate.

Can I purchase the test anywhere in the world?

Currently we are only offering the hormone test in the UK, nationwide. We are planning to expand beyond the UK so stay tuned. If you do take a test elsewhere you can still submit your results to Parla and get your Parla fertility profile.

What if I already have test results but don’t understand them?

If you have taken any of these tests before you can submit your results to us and we will generate a report for you that interprets the test for you so you can understand them.

Can I get the same test for free from the NHS?

No. While you can get some hormones tested on the NHS for free it is not comprehensive. The NHS does not offer a test for Anti mullerian hormone (AMH), which is important to understanding your fertility. You would have to get that hormone tested separately at a clinic, which often costs more than £80 alone. So to do the equivalent test as Parla on the NHS you’d have to wait months to get the free test and then still pay £80 privately for the missing hormone.

Our fertility hormones test comes with a detailed specialist report plus a discussion guide on how to talk to your own doctor or specialist about the results.

Our fertility hormones test comes with a detailed doctor's report plus a discussion guide on how to talk to your own doctor or specialist about the results.